Ray Sanders

  Hi! I’m Ray Sanders, a published astronomer with amateur (and professional) astronomy experience,
  along with an education that includes astronomy and astrophysics.

  I’m very passionate about observing, research, and outreach, and have contributed content for sites such as:
  Universe Today, The Planetary Society, and NASA’s Astrobiology Magazine.
  I also taught informal astronomy education classes for Cosmoquest.

  Many times lecturers, websites and other “personalities” over explain concepts and leave the public with more questions than answers.
  All too often, astronomy and science discussions can  be dry and boring. When I answer questions about space and astronomy,
  all efforts are made to use terminology and explanations that every day people can understand – not just other  scientists.

  You could say "Bringing space back down to Earth!" is my motto!
  In short, my goal is to provide information about space and science with a super-sized order of “cheeky” shenanigans,
  so as to help make astronomy fun and entertaining!

  I don't really do social media anymore, but if you feel inclined you can follow me on twitter ( @Cosmic_Ray ). I still tweet on occasion.

  If you'd like to know more about my research, or how to contact me for tv/convention/outreach/conference appearances, use the menu links above.