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Carnival of Space #264

Carnival of Space

Carnival of Space #264 is hosted by Tomorrow is Here!

This edition features great articles about:

  • The passing of Apollo astronaut Neil Armstrong
  • Astronomy Mythbusting
  • Saving the Green Bank Telescope, astronomy outreach, and more!
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    Neil Armstrong: 1930 – 2012

    Neil Armstrong shortly after his first steps on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Image Credit: NASA

    Neil Armstrong passed away today at age 82. Having been the first human to walk on the surface of the Moon, many people thought of Neil as a hero, and national treasure. In addition to having been a NASA astronaut, Armstrong was a talented test pilot, and a skilled engineer. While some regarded his actions as a NASA astronaut as “heroic”, Neil simply looked at it as doing his job.
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    Coming Soon: The Cosmic Ray Show!

    The Cosmic Ray Show – Tuesdays at 10:00PM Pacific – only on Google+

    You may have heard by now, but on August 28th, A new web-based astronomy/space/science talk show called “The Cosmic Ray Show” will be launching. Utilizing Google+ “hangout” technology, the show will air live with yours truly as the host.

    What exactly is The Cosmic Ray Show you ask?

    From the “welcome” post over at :

    Simply put, My co-host and I will be giving our viewers current news, educational segments, interviews, space history, and of course, all the nerdy shenanigans and hijinks you’ve come to expect from me.

    A good way of looking at our show is that it is “By space geeks, for space geeks”. Seriously! As astronomers, my co-host and I are well aware there are many groups and organizations out there doing great things. We’d like to spread the word about organizations and people who are really making a difference in science.

    Of course, the show won’t be just a bunch of talking heads either. We have some awesome segments in the works – behind-the-scenes looks at observatories, night sky guides, book reviews, and more. We’re going to have a great time doing this show, and we hope our viewers have just as good a time watching us.

    Learn more about The Cosmic Ray Show at
    You can follow the show on Twitter (@cosmicraytv), Facebook, and Google+


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