Golden Spike Is Sending Nations and People To The Moon, Join In!

Late last year, Golden Spike Company made big news in the space community by announcing their plans for private lunar expeditions. Test flights are scheduled in 2017, and landings are planned for 2020.

Golden Spike is led by former NASA leaders, and the team consists of space-industry veterans, planetary scientists, and experienced business people. Since Golden Spike’s announcement last year, they have been bombarded with emails, letters, and social media posts from people wanting to know how they can take part, and help accelerate Golden Spike’s human lunar expedition efforts.

In response to the tremendous show of public support, Golden Spike has launched an Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign. The campaign aims to raise one dollar for every mile from the Earth to the Moon ($240,000 in total) which will help Golden Spike create interactive media products, apps, and an Olympics-movement style membership program to engage kids and adults in company efforts as insiders.


Golden Spike also wants to take lunar exploration to television, laptops, mobile devices and social media. Embracing the 21st century culture, Golden Spike plans to make lunar exploration as exciting as car racing, professional sports, and blockbuster Hollywood movies. Campaign contributors will also be directly supporting the company’s other activities too, such as their design efforts for the next generation of spacesuits and lunar landers.

As with many other crowdfunding efforts, Golden Spike is providing numerous “perks” to those who contribute to the campaign, such as allowing contributors to help vote on landing sites, the ability to help suggest mission names, and even an all-expenses paid “VIP” visit to the first Golden Spike launch.

There’s never been such an effort to closely link fans of space exploration and a mission such as Golden Spike’s human lunar exploration efforts. People who contribute will be helping Golden Spike inspire space fans of all ages, and around the world to look up at the Moon, and dream big.

If you’d like to contribute to Golden Spike’s Indiegogo campaign, visit:

To learn more about Golden Spike and their impressive team, visit

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