Don’t Get Neil deGrasse Tyson Started on the “Super Moon”

Don’t get Neil started on the subject of the Super Moon. Or better yet, get him started and then get out of the way! Watch what happens when Star Talk Radio co-host Chuck Nice asks astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson about the Supermoon.

NORAD Santa Tracker

In what has become a yearly tradition for NORAD, the “Official NORAD Santa Tracker” is online! You can see where Santa is by visiting: http://www.noradsanta.org

At this time, Santa has left his fortress of solitude at the North Pole. Based on reports from NORAD, Santa has started to make his deliveries.

For over fifty years, NORAD has tracked Santa each Christmas eve, starting in 1955 after a Colorado Springs retailer had a misprint in their advertisement for children to call Santa. The number printed happened to be the direct “hotline” for the Commander in Chief of CONAD (NORAD’S predecessor agency).

The Operations Director at the time, Colonel Harry Shoup, went along with the mishap and ordered his staff to check the radar for indications of Santa heading south from the North Pole. Luckily, the children who called were given information on Santa’s location, and thus, the tradition was born.

In 1958, the United States and Canada formed the joint air defense command, known to us all as NORAD. Since NORAD’s creation, many people have volunteered their time to help track Santa on Christmas Eve. In recent years NORAD’s efforts have made their way to the Internet.

Merry Christmas!

Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday

NASA has released a new video discussing 2012 doomsday myths.

I’ll be covering many of the popular doomsday myths on tonight’s episode of The Cosmic Ray Show on Google+.

For More infomation about my astronomy/science talk show, visit: www.cosmicray.tv

Evidence for Moon Landing Hoax?

Taking a well-needed break from finals, I decided to distract myself by looking over Doomsday 2012 myths.

One thing lead to another, and I came across this very intriguing Moon Landing hoax.

Annular Solar Eclipse of 2012

Path of visibility for the 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse. (Click to embiggen). Image Credit: F. Espenak / NASA / GSFC

(Channeling my best monster truck rally announcer voice). THIS SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! SEE THE ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE OF 2012! BE THERE!.

Seriously though, If you are in the western half of the United States, there’s a decent chance you’ll see at least part of the 2012 Annular solar eclipse.

I’m still catching up/recovering from the semester, so instead of a full-featured eclipse viewing guide, I’m going to present a round-up of some of my favorite resources for the annular solar eclipse of 2012.

Continue reading to get information on great guides from:

  • The Planetary Society
  • NASA
  • Sky & Telescope Magazine
  • WARNING! Do not look at the sun with a telescope that doesn’t have proper filters. Do not look at the sun without adequate eye protection!
    Continue reading


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