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The Cosmic Ray Show: Episode 10 – With Phil Plait, Geoff Notkin, and James Olmos

Our first season of The Cosmic Ray Show ends with a bang! The hour-long season finale features guests Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy Blog) and Geoff Notkin (Meteorite Men), and music from James Olmos!

We’ll be talking about Chris Hadfield, the Kepler Mission, Phil’s experiences as a science writer, and Geoff’s exploits as a “Meteorite Man”. Also joining us for a “This Month in Space History” segment is Amy Shira Teitel!

The Cosmic Ray Show: Episode Six with Astronomers w/o Borders & Brad Snowder


The sixth episode of The Cosmic Ray Show will air on January 23rd, 2013 at 7:00 PM Pacific!

Our Featured Guests are Thilina Heenatigala and Mike Simmons from Astronomers Without Borders, and Brad Snowder (Western Washington University).

Join us as we discuss how AWB has helped promote science literacy around the world, and native american starlore.

We’ll also have a new “This Month in Space History” segment with Amy Shira Teitel, musical guest Galley Slaves.

Follow our show on twitter (@cosmicraytv) for more information, and to submit questions for Thilina, Mike, and Brad during the show with the hashtag #cosmicraytv

You’ll be sure to get a heaping serving of space news, and all the nerdy antics you’ve come to expect from our host, Ray Sanders.
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    Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday

    NASA has released a new video discussing 2012 doomsday myths.

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