Carnival of Space #319

Welcome to another installment of The Carnival of Space! Here’s some highlights of space and astronomy news from the past week. We’ve got great stories on Solar System Ambassadors, Habitable Moons, SpaceX, Comet ISON, and more!

First off, If you live in the US and are interested in space-related educational outreach, you might consider becoming a JPL Solar System Ambassador. September is the only month each year when applications are accepted for this volunteer program. Learn more about how you can join the NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassadors program at: http://flyingsinger.blogspot.com/2013/09/be-solar-system-ambassador.html

Over at The Venus Transit: A summary of Spica occultation from last week. The reappearace of Spica behind the crescent moon craters and mountain was simply one of th e best view I had this year. Check it out at: http://www.thevenustransit.com/2013/09/spica-occultation.html

Ever wonder if habitable moons like Endor or Pandora are really possible? TheSpacewriter investigates whether alien moons could offer habitable environments at: http://thespacewriter.com/wp/2013/09/10/alien-life-on-moons/

Signs of “Life” on the Lunar Frontier by Dr. Paul Spudis discusses recent lunar discoveries and activities. Learn more at: http://blogs.airspacemag.com/moon/2013/09/signs-of-life-on-the-lunar-frontier

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Carnival of Space #299

Carnival of Space

Carnival of Space #299 is hosted by Tranquility Base!

This edition features great articles about:

  • New discoveries by the Chandra x-ray observatory
  • Jupiter’s Atmosphere
  • Seven “lesser-known” astronauts
  • Updates on SpaceX and Virgin Galactic
  • Lunar eclipses
  • Apollo computer glitches, space photos, and more!

Check it out at:


Carnival of Space #261

Carnival of Space

Carnival of Space #261 is hosted by Next Big Future!

This edition features great articles about:

  • Could planets orbiting white dwarf stars be habitable?
  • Curiosity arrives on Mars!
  • New telescope technology, Lunar formation theories, and more!
  • Check it out at: http://nextbigfuture.com/2012/08/carnival-of-space-261.html

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