NASA/JPL “What’s Up” for March 2014

Check out the latest NASA/JPL “What’s Up” video, featuring starlight blocked by a passing asteroid, planets marching across the sky and a lunar eclipse preview.

Infographic: International Relations in Space

Infographic: International Relations in Space. Image Credit: Joe Shervell

Infographic: International Relations in Space. Image Credit: Joe Shervell

Here’s a new infographic for your reading enjoyment. This Infographic covers the tremendous international cooperation in space exploration, as well as information onspace missions performed by all the space-faring nations in the world.

Additionally, the Infographic shows numerous ground-breaking events in space exploration, political issues, and highlights efforts to promote the sense of community in outer space.

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Carnival of Space #340

Welcome to the latest installment of The Carnival of Space! Here’s some highlights of space and astronomy news from the past week. We’ve got great stories on the M82 Supernova, NASA’S LADEE mission, the “mystery” Mars rock, and more!

First off, Next Big Future has a trio of articles covering some awesome new innovations coming out of NASA. First up is a conceptual solution to asteroid impacts by “fragmenting” the asteroid. Read more at:

Next up are more NASA NIAC conference updates, learn more about Spiderfab, and “photonic” thrusters which use no propellant at:

Last up from Nextbigfuture, Skybox was founded out of the CubeSat community and they are ardent believers in the power of commodity, commercial electronics to change the cost of doing business in space. Traditional satellites capable of taking imagery at better than 1 meter resolution weigh thousands of kilograms, which makes it prohibitively expensive to launch enough of them to capture timely imagery. Check out the full article on Skybox at:

Next up is a pair of articles from my good friends at Cosmoquest:

First up, What’s in an Asteroid? Asteroid Itokawa reveals a strange interior in new observations spanning 12 years. Learn more at:

Next from Cosmoquest, M82 Supernova Update: The VLA doesn’t see the afterglow, but it does create a lovely new map of the central regions of the galaxy.
Full article at:

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